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Updates and Announcements
iCoinPro just keeps delivering MORE and MORE value for your membership at NO additional cost.
This week we have added the new Price Ticker to keep you up to date on the up-to-the-minute prices of top cryptocurrencies.
We also added a new Bittrex Profit/Loss with Fees Calculator for The Micro Profit System.
AND the entire CORE TRAINING series is now complete! You can finish the series, pass all the quizzes AND soon you’ll be able to print your certificate showing you are a fully certified iCoinPro Core Training Graduate!
And we’re not stopping there… the CEO, Paul De Sousa, has been hinting at EVEN MORE Advanced Trainings coming that will help you EARN EVEN MORE with cryptocurrencies so stay tuned.
Due to the ENORMOUS SUCCESS of the Micro Profit System by iCoinPro, we are going to have a special training again tonight for everyone on The Micro Profit System.
We have had SO many requests to go over the basics again, that we are going to have Justin Clark on with Paul De Sousa and “Bigg” Lloyd Dotson to thoroughly go through all the details of how to successfully trade utilizing the system.
This system is producing RAVE results amongst the people using it… we are seeing returns of anywhere from 5-11% or MORE per week.
Even in a downtrending market our Distributors are STILL CRUSHING IT. So make sure you DON’T miss out.
Join our CEO, Paul De Sousa, Justin Clark and “Bigg” Lloyd Dotson tonight:
Monday night at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific
VERY IMPORTANT:  This training is for MEMBERS ONLY.  
Again, you MUST be a member of i CoinPro to have access to this amazing training. Also, for members who are not available at that time, this WILL be recorded and available in your back office after the hangout.
Due to the overwhelming success of the July promotion – It’s been extended through the END OF THE MONTH.
CEO Paul De Sous a announced on the live weekly MEMBERS only training last week that we will be having a special promotion for ALL MEMBERS in the month of July – so check this out:
Refer 3 NEW members between July 1st and July 31st and you will win a brand new iCoinPro T-Shirt, get YOUR picture and bio on a special new LEADERSHIP page on the site featuring all promotion winners AND get a special sneak peak at the next BLOCKBUSTER Money Making Advanced Training Module
Our first Advanced Training Module, The Micro Profit System, has been an ENORMOUS success. The next Advanced Training Module will add even MORE VALUE to iCoinPro and guess what – the price will stay the EXACT SAME – just $39.95 per month.
Make sure to reach out to your team and let them know about this awesome promotion. The t-shirt alone is going to be HOT and expanding your business is going to be even hotter.

Official Corporate Schedule

Make sure to plug in to our TWO Webinars that happen live EVERY WEEK.

One is the LIVE MEMBERS ONLY iCoinPro Weekly Video Training that is your source for all the inside information on how you can maximize your results and income from everything Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
The other is the LIVE weekly iCoinPro Cutoff Webinar for you to use to introduce NEW people to iCoinPro and the amazing training, tools and business opportunity that we have.
All training and promotional webinars ARE RECORDED and available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.
LIVE Members Only Video Training – Monday at 6pm Eastern / 3pm Pacific –  
LIVE Google Hangout for NEW People to Learn All about iCoinPro – Wednesday at 8pm Eastern / 5pm Pacific – Use this link that is coded to YOUR USERNAME to give to new people AND or you to watch yourself – WATCH ICoinPro LIVE!!!
In the news…

Bitcoin Won’t Be Illegal in India, Likely Regulated as a Security. A report by Indian investor publication MoneyControl has cited a government official as stating that bitcoin, despite calls by politicians to outlaw cryptocurrencies, is unlikely to be declared illegal in the country. It will mos t likely be treated as a security. This could be huge for cryptocurrencies and will open up an entire new country.

* Audience Member Holds ‘Buy Bitcoin’ Sign During Yellen Testimony. The Chair of the Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, gave her&nb sp;testimony  before the House Financial Services Committee today, and the message was loud and clear. While Yellen spoke on interest rates and reserve policies for the coming year, one tricky Bitcoin fan raised a sign saying, “Buy Bitcoin” in the background in clear view of the camera. What an awesome dude!

Bitcoin changes set for August 1stUpdates to the core programming for Bitcoin are set to deploy August 1st. These updates will help to ensure the scalability of Bitcoin as it gains MASSIVE global adoption. Stay tuned for a special update hangout FOR MEMBERS ONLY by CEO, Paul De Sousa, to help guide you through what you need to do to prepare.

Every DAY, there is NEW news about cryptocurrencies.  The timing could not be more PERFECT.

Other Updates

Normally summer is the SLOW time in our industry, but apparently NO ONE at iCoinPro got the memo. With our amazing tools, training and support – no other company has what we offer. And that shows in the excitement, enthusiasm and ROCKING NUMBERS you guys keep putting up week after week after week.
Don’t let this opportunity slip you by as timing like this usually only happens ONCE in a person’s life. Get the word out about iCoinPro – tell everyone you know – and you can reap the benefits for YEAR and YEARS to come.
To your success,
-YOUR iCoinPro Support TEAM


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