by Nathan Gurley | 1:39 pm

Hope you all are getting excited more and more everyday as
we come closer towards the launch of iCoinMarket

– Hardly 14 days to go

Can not believe how far we have come from the idea stage 12 months
back to now here where the beast is live and running
and growing at about 1000 members a day

Our alexa rankings are growing fast everyday and more and more leaders
from all around the world are joining us

Today I wanted to show you all recent profits from one of our larger trading
accounts of 4000 BTC + which even in this down market is raking in
consistent profits of about 1 % a day or more

The process we achieve this is using the age old principle of trading called
bollinger band trading where our team of traders identify the coins
which are about to have a breakout/massive growth based on
bollinger bands and then take bets accordingly

Works wonders for us !

Its a complicated thing to master if you have to do it youself and risks are high
but with iCoinMarket we got you already covered there 🙂

All you got to really do in launch is pick your trading packages – one or many based
on your budget and let our traders do the rest

Note : The sale of done for you crypto currency trading packages will only be
available for first 30 days after launch and then will be taken off from the
market so we focus more on ICO’s in second phase of the company

So kindly make sure you are ready and prepared with your bitcoins so in
about 2 weeks from now , you can grab your trading packages

Its a simple business – Create your free account , buy your trading packages in
launch , use your referral links to get signups in your business and tell them
to do the same

As long as you do this long enough and consistently , you will see an easy 6 figures to
7 figures income here year after year

See you all on top

Thanks And Regards
Nick Johnson
CEO – ICoinMarket.Com , Ads.Cash 



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