by Nathan Gurley | 10:35 pm

Today I created a new animated video and the character looks very much like my girlfriend! I am hoping I can slow her down long enough to get her to do a voice over. She has an offline business and works nights as a nurse so she is really busy. For now I used the text-to-speech option. I sort of didn’t realize it when I created then video, but I used the same voice for my last video “Keisha Loves Bitcoin”. Oh well. It’s like I am creating these little characters and I am really having fun with it! Of course, I hope I don’t rub anyone the wrong way, but if I do, I certainly didn’t mean to do so.

For the past year, I have been working on an add on certification to teach the blind and visually impaired. This was my first experience with text-to-speech. You would not believe how fast they can process this! It was unintelligible to me when they would listen, but when they slowed it down, it was fine. It’s not that they have superior hearing; they build their processing speed. But I digress.

So I made this video to promote Bitcoin for Profit which is basically a TrafficWave system designed to promote USI-Tech. I have 7 packages running in USI-Tech earning chunks of Bitcoin daily. The idea it to create a snowball effect by reinvesting when earnings reach enough to buy another package. My last two Bitcoin packages were purchased with earnings.

My project for today was to make a new video for a new splash page to promote Bitcoin for Profit. The system was designed by Chase Swift, who will bend over backward to help you! The letter series he wrote is very professional, with nice graphics and digital gifts for the subscribers. Unfortunately, I was not having success with the splash page he gave me so I decided to make a new one. I use The Conversion Pros and Power Lead System, but I did not see how to put in the TrafficWave form code. I had forgotten that I bought a copy of Landing Page Monkey and upon remembering, decided to try that.

The only problem there was, the capture form and follow up letter series Chase created requires First Name, Last Name and email, but the Landing Page Monkey only had Name and email. At first it didn’t work at all, but I copied Chase’s letters, manually changed “First Name” to name in all the letters and changed the sign up form. Finally, success! All in a day’s work.

So, here is the cartoon version of my girlfriend on the new video splash.

Hope you like her as much as I do! 🙂


Click Here to see the page.



Crypto is something im slowly seeing pop up more and more and its starting to peak my interest as i know a lot of people around me who are talking about it. It really is an interesting topic and it was good to land upon this post and that video. Thanks for putting it out there and taking the time to spread awareness.

Jul 31.2017 | 05:19 pm

    Nathan Gurley

    Thank you for checking it out, Chris!  Hopefully, this Bitcoin “fork” they keep talking about that is supposed to take place tomorrow doesn’t cause too much disruption.  I just put the video in a facebook ad and hopefully it will do well.  Please let me know if you have any questions about crypto programs or anything else.  I am getting a feel for which ones work and which ones do not.   

    Jul 31.2017 | 06:02 pm

Elbert Yaw

Hi Nathan,

I am not sure your intended audience here. Your website is entertaining since I have not been involved with Bitcoin and so far, have not figured out whether I want to be. So, perhaps your site is addressed to people already involved or at least who know they want to mine bitcoin and they are not sure where to start.

I don’t know if my comments help but being a complete novice to your topic, I do not think it is addressed to me.

Best Wishes for your success!


Aug 01.2017 | 06:22 pm

    Nathan Gurley

    I appreciate your honesty, Bert.  Maybe I do not know who my audience is either! LOL.  I think it is for people who believe cryptocurrency will continue to grow and become mainstream, cutting out middlemen like governments , banks, and payment processors who want to tax you or charge outrageous fees for transactions.  With cyptocurrency, it’s person to person transactions, with minuscule fees, recorded on a public ledger (The Blockchain),  People are interested in building there amounts because Bitcoin and others continually trend upward overtime, increasing in value.  

    Thank you for your best wishes and I hope that helps a bit! 


    Aug 03.2017 | 03:59 pm


Although I’m new to the cyber world bitcoin and crypto are some things I’ve seen pop up here and there and I’d like to know more, I will definitely be visiting your page more often to learn more on this subject. If I’m not mistaken they either are fully automated programs aren’t they??
Please keep updating us on this. I’m very interested.

Aug 02.2017 | 01:20 am

    Nathan Gurley

    Some are fully automated, some are partially automated, some teach you how to do everything yourself.  Some involve trading, while some involve mining.  And plenty are BS scams.  It is best to start at a comfortable level and build your Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency.  1OnlineBusiness or 1OB is designed for anyone to start off with a very small amount of Bitcoin, $10-$20, and parlay that into large reserves using incoming to Bitcoin to produce more.  Check out the system and I am here to help if you guidance or assistance.  Thanks James!   

    Aug 03.2017 | 03:52 pm


Hi Nathan
I’m pleased to see another website in the cryptocurrency niche. I am slowly buying different cryptos, and holding for the long term.
I only invest $20 a time, in a diverse range, but have no plans to trade them. My thoughts are they are a new asset class, and will be used more in the future, but knowing who the dominant crypto is going to be, i don’t know.
I plan on having about 20-30 different coins, with Bitcoin and Ether as my mainstays. I’m investing with money i’m prepared to lose, so no emotions are involved.
p.s. i like your animated girlfriend!

Aug 03.2017 | 09:53 am

    Nathan Gurley

    Hi Greg, thank you for your comments.  Your plan and mine are almost identical!  I would to exchange information with you on building cryptocurrency.  I have yet to move into anything other than Bitcoin and Ether, but have begun looking at a couple others.  It looks like a lot of people are talking of getting involved in ICOs, but I haven’;t gotten that far.  Maybe we can compare notes on what’s working best?   i will look you up at WA.  

    Aug 03.2017 | 03:43 pm



Your website is very well laid out and interesting!

It looks like you are on the leading edge of both the Cryptocurrency trend and the animated image and voice trends!

I did find the content a bit confusing for a newbie but I am sure more advanced internet marketers would fully understand everything!

Best of luck!


Aug 03.2017 | 10:01 am

    Nathan Gurley

    Thank you for checking out this information on earning Bitcoin via 1OnlineBusiness!  There is plenty of training available in the membership area if you are inspired to build your Bitcoin with this amazing platform.  

    Aug 03.2017 | 03:47 pm


I want to get into bitcoin desperately but I just do not know where to start. Your site looks like a great starting point to learn more about it. I guess I should buy some to start off with.

I try to wait for the price to drop to buy some but by the the time I find out the price is dropped it has went back up again. This is obviously frustrating but I am still determined to getting into bitcoin.

Aug 03.2017 | 07:34 pm

    Nathan Gurley

    Well, I have a couple options where you can get started for very little.  The first thing you will need to is set up an ewallet.  The one I use most is  If you use a debit/credit card, you can buy Bitcoin and have it available quickly.  Please send me a private message and we can discuss options.  

    Aug 03.2017 | 07:39 pm


This is super interesting, and I may fit in with majority of the others leaving comments as I also don’t know much about bitcoins. Definitely sparked some interest and will start to look into them a bit more.
My question to you is, where do you think this will lead in the next ten years? What’s best case scenario for you?

Aug 03.2017 | 11:24 pm

    Nathan Gurley

    Well Lauren, there are people who are way smarter and richer than I will ever be who have publicly stated that the value of Bitcoin will continue to rise and will be drastically higher in 10 years than it is now. Best case scenario is to get a piece of it now, think about how you want to get more either trading or mining, and learn more about it. This is not going away and it is best to embrace the idea and learn as much as possible. That’s my opinion. Good luck to you and thank your for your comments. 🙂

    Aug 03.2017 | 11:36 pm


Interesting article. I have to admit that crypto currency is something that interests me, but still feels very much over my head. Even your article felt over my head. But I believe that Bitcoin and such currencies will become bigger and bigger markets so I want to continue to learn about this.

Aug 04.2017 | 01:16 pm

    Nathan Gurley

    I have to be honest with you, Austin, it was all over my head a few months back as well.  I dove in and still don’t quite understand everything, but I keep learning as I go.  You can learn for free in MarketHive.   They have webinars daily and many cover topics in cryptocurrency.  Thanks for your comments.

    Aug 04.2017 | 03:45 pm

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